Formerly Lew's Holdings Co., Rather Outdoors acts as a holding company for its subsidiary brands. Through these brands, they provide fishing, hunting, and other outdoor sports equipment. For this project, the client came to us looking for a brand redesign that reflected they're ventures outside of a fishing focused landscape, into a brand that houses a multitude of outdoor brands, while remaining grounded in their legacy.
We centered around the narrative of Rather Outdoors being a window into the audiences' outdoor adventures. The logo-mark represents this by being a snapshot into an outdoor landscape, while the word-mark is inspired from bold outdoor way finding. The tagline "Where outdoor brands thrive" is a direct call to Rather Outdoors' expansion into the greater outdoors world. Brand touchpoints included logo-mark, word-mark, icon library, and apparel.
Made at: outlier
Creative Direction: Frank Lipari
Art Direction: Zach Lepine
Design: Ryan Frame, Diego Gutierrez
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