#RealMoneyTalk aims to spark authentic stories about the struggles of debt and financial health, encouraging users to take control of their financial health. In its second year, we engaged with Chrissy Metz, star of NBC’s This Is Us, to share her authentic financial story, as a catalyst to start the conversation.
The goal was to create a conversation around the emotional connection of being in debt that would drive brand awareness, positioning Turbo as empathetic and empowering within the financial tech landscape. We concepted and produced an original video storytelling series, and promoted a social sweepstakes with original design and content. Campaign touchpoints included: branded video series for YouTube, GIPHY stickers, animated stories, and videos for Instagram Stories.
Made at: outlier
Art Direction: Carla Marin
Design: Alexandra Doerschlag, Diego Gutierrez, Adina Sayef
Content + Social Strategy: Kristin Sauchak, Lindsey Delgado, Kat Kotton, Ryan Kristobak
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