Tribe To Tribe is a video production start up, aiming to shift the manner in which people of African descent are viewed predominantly through a stereotypical lens by media and pop culture. Their mission is to help switch this narrative, while fostering global connections through original video content. We partnered closely to create a brand that captured this mission, while staying true to their rallying call: "Africans Got Something To Say."
The visual identity stays true to the call of "Africans Got Something To Say", through the use of large bold typography, and bold colors that are inspired from vintage African airline posters, but are used in a way that challenge the audience to view these elements in a new light. The brand is designed in a way that allows for loud, exciting moments, while being able to step back, and be quieter when needed.
Stay tuned for more from this project.
Creative + Art Direction: Diego Gutierrez
Design: Diego Gutierrez
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