Create and brand California’s official modern art museum with three unique points of distinction. The museum will primarily showcase the artwork of modern artists from California or those who had a major influence in California.
One of the three points of distinction is the building itself which is a singular cylindrical structure that allows the audience to experience the art work in a time-line based narrative leading to the second point of distinction, a time-line that is digitally displayed on the floor to guide the audience through the history of California’s modern art movements. The third point of distinction is the addition of VR exhibits to showcase featured artists. In the logo, the time-line narrative is displayed by having the triangular ‘A’ and the ‘O’ act as the starting and ending points of the time-line, while serving as each other’s time markers. Also, the circle on top of the ‘A’ gives the visual of a person viewing a VR exhibit. The logo allows itself to be broken up for elements in different collateral of the museum.
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