Design a campaign for comedian Kabir Singh’s stand up performance at Sacramento State University that works as a cohesive system including fliers, posters, social media posts, and digital signage.
Kabir Singh is a high-energy, crowd-pleasing comic with an in-your-face attitude and razor-sharp wit. All of these are aspects of his comedic style that I chose to showcase in the design for this campaign. For one, having the blue bars covering his mouth as if he were shouting his name as an expletive really gives that “in your face” attitude that he has during his shows. The way the type is arranged also correlates with that, because you have the most important information jumping at you and getting the attention that is required. Having the small type next to such large type relates to the way a stand-up comic tells jokes, the joke slowly builds up to the big punch line the crowd is waiting for. In order to make the colors “in your face” I chose red since it is the color that grabs the most attention from the viewer and dark blue to contrast and jump out from the red.
Institution: CSU Sacramento
Design: Diego Gutierrez
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