Due to the nature that 2020 took with stay in home orders due to Covid-19, it seemed like our days started to blend together, to the point where we weren't sure what day it was any more. Inspired by this, we decided to create a microsite filled with fun content, such as games and random prompts to bring a bit of fun into peoples' days, and lift their spirits a bit. All while reminding people what day it was, kind of.
Idontknowwhatdayitis.com became a place for people inside and outside of our team to find small moments of joy in their day. Visitors have the options to play classic computer games with a 2020 twist, learn something new, do something random, or simply look at an assortment of puppy pictures.
Made at: outlier
Creative Direction: Frank Lipari
Art Direction: Zach Lepine
Design: Alexandra Doerschalg, Diego Gutierrez
Development: Corey Snyder
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