Design a campaign for Gabby Rivera’s inspirational lecture at Sacramento State University that works as a cohesive system including fliers, posters, social media posts, and digital signage.
Gabby Rivera is the writer of Marvel’s first queer Latinx super hero; she is also the author of ‘Juliet Takes a Breath’, a novel depicting the life a Latina girl dealing with the hardships of living with her sexuality. Gabby Rivera is an outspoken and outgoing activist fighting for women empowerment and the equality for minorities in America. I chose to empower Gabby by showing her as a powerful super hero because she fights against the hardships of life that many young people deal with. The illustration style is overlaid with the photograph giving it a sense of a comic book illustration which is a way to call back to her latest chapter in life of writing for Marvel comics.
Institution: CSU Sacramento
Design: Diego Gutierrez
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