Design a campaign for the Battle of the Bands competition at Sacramento State University that works as a cohesive system and includes fliers, posters, social media posts, and digital signage.
For Battle of the Bands, my main goal was to have the same 90’s vibe as the Call for Bands campaign. This was accomplished by having a different scenario while using the same color palette and all the same elements. The inspiration for the campaign came from 90’s video game boxes and title screens. I decided to give the design a space battle theme with music notes shooting out from the background as if they were ready for battle, just as the bands will be battling it out. The primary purple color scheme enhances the design’s sense of outer space. For the title treatment I sampled the title on the Super Mario 3 game box while adapting it to my space battle theme, as well as adapting it to fit many of the horizontal pieces in the campaign. The treatment for the boxes where the event information and band names were placed was also inspired by classic video game title and menu screens.
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