Adobe partnered with Sony Animation Studios for their film, Spider-Man™: Into The Spider-Verse. We were tasked with designing visuals for a social campaign that challenged the creative community to create their own “Spider-Verse” inspired artwork utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud products.
Our team worked together with Adobe and Sony Animation to strategize how to bring this idea to life through compelling digital content and design. Inspired by the animation style of the movie, we played with visuals that married both brands together to create a unique look. Struck by the film’s dynamic and textured graphics, we built a bold and modern brand design system that could match it. We created our own library of textured artwork that ranged from glitches to spider webs to cityscapes, pairing each design with high contrast type and an energetic color palette.
Made at: outlier
Creative Direction: MB
Art Direction: Carla Marin
Design: Lauren Takayama, Diego Gutierrez, Adina Sayef​​​​​​​
Content + Social Strategy: Kristin Sauchak, Emmalie Kipp, Lindsey Delgado, Blake Bestard, Jordan Renshaw
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